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Hello and welcome

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I don't know I will make a go of this blogging malarchy. Will just have to see what happens.

Have spent the last few days making this website and am now itching to get back into the workshop.

Test Match Special is back on the radio so it's time to take my hands off the keyboard and put them back to the wheel.

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  1. Woody

    Great website....looking forward to the next exhibition

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  2. ron philbeck

    Love your pots!! So lively and wonderful. Came to your site via Paul Young.

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  3. sheena mayo

    love the website. Beautiful photos and all! I've never tried this blog thing either - not too hard after all! Good luck Katherine X

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  4. Jane mitchell

    Not sure about this blogging malarchy myself, this is the first ever blog. Great site. Good luck.

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